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Notice for Australian users of Subtitles Viewer 

The Australian Federal Court has determined that websites that provide subtitles such as opensubtitles infringe copyright, and have demanded that all ISPs (including Bigpond, iinet, etc) block access to such sites. You can read an article on all of this here

Notice the following paragraph:
> The law's passage came despite a group including Facebook and Twitter saying the amendments "expand the scheme far beyond what is reasonable". An individual submission by Google had also said it strongly disagrees with the law, as it would remove Federal Court control over what websites are blocked and hand it instead to commercial entities.

Unfortunately, if Australian ISPs block subtitles sites, this means searching or downloading subtitles via Subtitles Viewer will not work. You can still upload subtitles to Subtitles Viewer, via the Library tab and, of course, you can continue to use subtitles you have already downloaded.

Apologies for this inconvenience. This page will be updated with any further news on this topic.